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Magnetic Lashes Help Make Your Beauty Routine A Breeze

Our magnetic lashes are handcrafted with premium synthetic or mink materials. With five magnets on the soft cotton band, the application is super easy, even for beginners. The moment you wear our magnetic eyelashes, your feeling will tell you - the most naturally alluring and luxurious lashes.

Magnetic Lashes: Game-changer in the Beauty Industry

The magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes provide fullness without messy glue. The process is easy: you apply the magnetic eyeliner, wait for it to dry, then place the lashes gently on top of the applied magnetic eyeliner! Various options of volumes are available, including light, medium, and dramatic volumes. Whatever everyday life, date night, wedding, parties, or any other occasion, your eyes will totally steal the show with our magnetic eyelashes on.