Reusable Nails

The Easy Application press-on nails to try at home right now.

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Give Press-on Nails Another Chance

Fun press on nails are getting a lot of attention from fashion women.  Our press-on nails features easy use, various designs, multi-sized, waterproof, lasting shine, comfortable and sturdy. You can apply it on your nails and have instant results in 5 minutes. And you don’t have to wait in the waiting area of a salon for your turn. The possibilities of press-on nails are endless. Just change your press on nails to match your outfits, your shoes or your mood.

Various Designs and Shapes

Our press-on nails have two finish: glossy and matte. There are so many shapes to choose from, including coffin, round, square and stiletto. It is convenient for you to keep your nails short while doing the household chores and instantly wear long nails after your application. Having long nails is never so easy and fun with press on nails.