Dance With Daisy
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Dance With Daisy
Dance With Daisy
Dance With Daisy
Dance With Daisy
Dance With Daisy

Dance With Daisy

SKU: MN1605

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    1. · Non-toxic
    2. · Salon look
    3. · Easy to apply
    4. · Waterproof
    5. · Multi-sized to fit
    6. · Up to 14 day wear
    7. · No-damage to natural nails
    8. · Lightweight & comfortable
    1. Our press-on nails takes minutes to apply. Simple process? Yes! You can get the gel nails look without UV lamp or sanding nails down. Not only do they now come in light weights but also they blend seamlessly onto your natural nails. Why not try these?
  • Details

    1. WHAT IT IS
    2. · Includes: 30 nails, mini file, 2g( 0.07 oz) nail glue, prep pads, manicure stick, 48 adhesive tabs
    3. · Shape: Square
    4. · Length: Short
    5. · Finish: Glossy
    2. The bright white petals and cheerful yellow centers of daisy flower are a sign that spring is in full swing and summer is close on its heels. In addition to being adorable, the daisy-print nail is popular among beginners in the press-on nails field.

    1. · Choose the best size nail for your finger.
    2. · Wipe each nail using the Prep Pad provided before applying.
    3. · More flexible, two ways to apply: with glue or adhesive tabs

      1) With Glue: Apply a thin layer of glue to the back of the false nails and natural nail.

      2) With Adhesive Tabs: Apply the adhesive tab to your nail and peel off the clear film.

    4. · Align under cuticle carefully and press down firmly for at least 15 seconds.
    5. · Customize the length or the shapes if necessary.
    1. Tips:
    2. · Choose the smaller size when in-between sizes.
    3. · Avoid contact with water in the first hour.
    2. · Peel off nails gently from sides using the manicure stick.
    3. · If needed, soak hands in warm water, then use the manicure stick to gently lift off the nail.
    1. Tips:Please note that if you applied our nails with glue, do not attempt to remove them until at least 7 days have passed.

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